Create memories with loved ones
Recycling and reduce waste
Support small local businesses
Simple. Unique.
Community Building.
With Memento, you'll get instant, creative, and memorable activity ideas for free, available in the palm of your hands. Contribute what you can afford towards a group event, and check out the unique suggestions that we've thought of for your group to do!
How It Works
1. Sign up for an account
2. Create a group
3. Share your group name and password with your friends
4. Wait for all members to join the group and enter a personal budget
5. View the events and chose your next adventure
Mission statement
While gift giving is well intentioned, we often miss the point: to create lasting memories with other people. 24% of all people believe most of the gifts they receive are useless junk. Each year, Canadians will throw out 540,000 tonnes of wrapping paper and gift bags. Our application, Memento takes all the money a group would have spent on gift-giving, aggregates a sum from anonymous personal budgets, and turns that sum it into a memorable experience. This not only reduces waste, but also supports local businesses and brings people together.